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Steve Addison, Crisis Communications. 

Providing specialist crisis planning and media training 

Steve Addison 

I am a leading crisis and issues manager with expertise  in protecting and rebuilding reputations and managing crisis events. I focus on ensuring you get a positive outcome in difficult circumstances.  Our media training complements our reputation management approach ensuring you have the skills to protect your most valuable asset, your brand.

I have provided crisis advice and planning in industries as diverse as professional sport, health, conservation, dairying, and in disaster relief. 

I have a background in journalism and more recently covered the plight of Syrian war victims, as well as the tragic Christchurch Mosque massacres, for New Zealand and high profile international publications.



We protect your brand through providing the best in crisis management and issues planning, support, and media training

Media Training

We tailor our media training to fit your needs. We ensure it is relevant to you and your industry and backed by relevant case studies and realistic scenarios. 

Crisis management plans

We develop crisis plans that will prepare you for any eventuality, so that you can rest easy that no matter what happens you are well positioned to protect your reputation through a combined operational and public approach that makes it easy for you to do the right thing.

Issues and crisis management support 

We can assist you to manage crisis and issues with advice and support focused on protecting your reputation.


1/10 Cranmer Square Christchurch, New Zealand


0061 27 6222 468

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